IHC appoints JA as amicus curie in brick kiln laborers case


ISLAMABAD, Feb 02 (Online): Islamabad High Court (IHC) has appointed Journalist Association (JA) as amicus curie in brick Kiln laborers case.
The IHC Chief Justice (CJ) Athar Minallah while expressing annoyance has remarked why the incidents of forced labor are not seen in media. Politics runs the whole day long. They screen one slap the whole day long as if the slapping continued the entire day.

During the hearing of the case Saqib Bashir, president High Court Journalist Association (HCJA) who was present in the court room was called to rostrum by the court.

The court remarked that the media should play its due role instead of fomenting depression and scolding the people.

President HCJA Saqib Bashir assured full cooperation to the court.

CJ IHC remarked we are followers of those who had embraced Hazrat Bilal.

The lawyers who are members of commission presented 71-page brick kiln commission report before the court during the hearing. These lawyers included Adnan Haider Randhawa, Umar Gillani and Danial Aziz.

It has been laid down in the commission report that paying advance debt to brick kiln laborers is illegal. Making the brick kiln laborers bound in the name of advance debt is a form of slavery of modern era. All the brick kiln laborers are not slave to any one and they are free citizens. They can leave brick kilns at their free will. Advance debt is illegal and the brick kilns laborers are not bound to return this debt.