India misguiding world about ground realities in Kashmir: AJK president


Muzaffarabad February 05 (Online): Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood
Khan on Friday said India is misguiding the European Governments and the US Administration as well as decision-making institutions that Delhi is fighting against terrorists in occupied Kashmir.
“The reality is somewhat different and India in fact is crushing defenceless, weak and unarmed Kashmiri people, and depriving them of their homeland, businesses and livelihood and engaged in the genocide of the inhabitants of the disputed territory,” he stressed.
The President made these remarks while addressing Kashmir Solidarity Conference Organized by Faheem Kiani President Tehrike-Kashmir through video link, which was also participated and addressed by more than 40-plus UK MPs and leaders of the Kashmiri community living in Britain.
The state president exhorted them to use their influence, and convey to the governments of the Western countries that if they failed to block the Indian military adventurism, the rule of law and the world order would no longer be in place in the world.
Tragically, he maintained that India is committing the crimes against humanity, and at the same time, it wants that the world should not speak about its guilt. He maintained that this attitude of India should not be acceptable to the world at all.
The AJK president expressed gratitude to the UK and the European parliaments, media and the civil society for supporting the Kashmir cause but he also complained that the powerful governments of these countries were silent over the Indian repression and the worst violations of human rights as well as genocide of Kashmiri people at the hands of the Indian Army, and are thus showing negligence towards their international obligations. “Their silence is encouraging India to trample human rights in Kashmir,” he added.
He asserted that the UK MPs must not support the Kashmiri people mere to seek votes from the Kashmiri community in their constituencies but they should support the Kashmiri people because they are being deprived of their civil liberties and rights.
President Tehrik Kashmir Faheem Kiani said that the Indian Army has killed thousands of Kashmiris and is using rape as a weapon of war in Kashmir. Kashmir, that needs your attention.
He said we have seen genocidal fascists emerge throughout history like Hitler, Mussolini and many others. In places like Rwanda and the Balkans, we have seen firsthand what happens when the world turns a blind eye. It is imperative that MPs play their role in preventing a repeat of history before it is too late.