‘Even if opposition stages countless long marches, mid-term elections are out of question’


Lahore February 09 (Online): Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that even if the opposition stages countless long marches, the mid-term elections are out of question.
The ordinance to stop horse-trading in the Senate elections is a reflection of people’s aspirations.
In a statement issued from Governor’s House Lahore on Tuesday, the Governor said that the government led by Prime Minister Imran Khan wants transparency in the Senate elections. He said that to ensure transparency the government has brought the ordinance and the matter is now in the Supreme Court.
The PTI government will respect the verdict of the Supreme Court, he reiterated. Punjab Governor said that unfortunately, the opposition wants the continuity of horse-trading in the Senate elections while the government wants to eliminate it completely.
The opposition should keep in mind that the elections will be held in 2023 and their protests can’t dislodge the government. It is an irony that, in retrospect, the parties that had opposed horse-trading are now supporting it, he added.
Chaudhry Sarwar said that elimination of horse-trading would strengthen democracy and Parliament in Pakistan.
The criticism of the government’s good decisions is a political obligation of the opposition. The attitude of the opposition to drag institutions into politics in every issue is not in the national interest.
All institutions are on the same page for development, stability and rule of law but the opposition is wasting time with politics of stubbornness. He maintained that Pakistan cannot tolerate protests and chaos. Everyone should put national interest first.