Seminaries students will be on roads if decision on approval of new board is not withdrawn :Maulana Fazlur Rehman


ISLAMABAD, Feb 11 (Online):JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman while rejecting government decision on approving new board for madaris has said it is not Ulema demand but it will fulfill the desire of establishment.

“this board will meet the same doom what was met by madrissah board during Musharraf regime”, he said this in a statement here Thursday.

He underlined “our rulers are slave and agent of foreigners. “Wafaq-ul- Madari is our organization. Those who are responsible of Wafaq should protect the madaris.

He stated if Wafaq ul Madaris cannot protect the madaris then JUI-F will protect them.

He remarked the safety of Madaris will not be left at the mercy of any one. JUI-F is chowkidar of madaris.Wafaq ul Madaris is our representative party. And we will not accept any other organization than this.

We will take a big decision on this matter against the government after consultations with the Ulema, he announced.

He warned government should take back this decision otherwise the students of all madaris will be on the roads.