IHC suspends order on repatriation of deputationist teachers to their native towns


ISLAMABAD, Feb 17 (Online): Chief Justice (CJ) Islamabad High Court (IHC) has suspended order on repatriation of deputationist teachers from Islamabad.

The court has ordered that Director General (DG) Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) should appear in the court in person on March 16 and inform the court who is responsible for misinterpreting the court’s order . And who had issued order for sending the teachers discharging their duties since long in Islamabad to their native towns all of a sudden through a stereotyped order .

The IHC bench led by CJ Athar Minallah took up for hearing Wednesday petition filed by more than 30 male and female teachers on.

FDE in the guise of IHC order had issued orders for their repatriation to their native towns. The teachers resorted to the court and continued their protest against the FDE step outside National Press Club and in D-Chowk
The CJ IHC remarked no one is there in FDE to understand law and implement it. All the deputationist teachers are civil servants.

Director Law Azam Gakhar while raising objection over it said deputationist teachers are not civil servant.

The CJ IHC while expressing annoyance over it remarked you don’t know the law at all. Had you studied even law related to deputation . It is mentioned therein in clear terms the civil servants can be posted from one department to other department. But we regret to say that neither you have read the law nor have read the court’s decision.

The court while addressing director law Azam remarked you are misguiding the court. Surely you might have misguided the DG.

The CJ IHC inquired under what law the further advertisement has been given in the press in connection with the deputation.. The advertisement is flagrant violation of 18th constitutional amendment. No department is allowed to interfere in provincial matters. You invited applications from people by giving advertisement. You committed contempt of court.

The CJ IHC while addressing director Law FDE remarked you don’t know about your legal and constitutional jurisdiction. The teachers who have served from 1998 to 2021 cannot be declared ineligible through an order based on malafide intent. If this order is accepted as correct then we will have to take action against those who kept on giving extension for three years each continuously.

Director law Azam Gakhar said the decision on deputation has opened our eyes.

CJ IHC remarked your eyes are still closed and you know nothing still. When these female teachers were working here since long and their children are studying here in educational institutions then how you have declared them ineligible for service. This is the reason that these teachers were forced to stage protest in D Chowk against the order based on ill intent.

The court while adjourning the hearing of the case till March 16 suspended the order regarding repatriation of teachers.

The court ordered that DG FDE should appear before it in person and provide legal and constitutional assistance to the court on this matter.