Shahid Afridi determined, promises to not let down fans


Karachi – February 17 (Online): Pakistani all-rounder and former skipper Shahid Afridi has promised to not let his fans down in the Pakistan Super League’s (PSL) sixth edition, saying that he was ready for the upcoming tournament.
Afridi, speaking to private news network, hoped that fans would enjoy
“quality cricket” throughout the PSL 6, which will begin on February 20 at the National Stadium, Karachi.
“As far as my game and fitness is concerned, I would say that I will not let my fans down,” Afridi said in his video message to private news network
“I’ve played in various leagues around the world and I can say with full confidence that the standard of bowling in PSL is unmatchable. It offers top-quality bowling attack that you don’t get anywhere else,” he said.
“A lot of foreign cricketers I meet express their desire to play in Pakistan Super League which speaks about its standards; many are still eager to be [a] part of the PSL,” Afridi said.
Crediting PSL as a stepping stone for local youngsters, he said that a lot of new cricketers are playing for the national side because of the cricket league.
Afridi termed PSL the “face of Pakistan” and urged everyone to work collectively to make it a successful event.
“This is Pakistan’s brand and this is making Pakistan cricket reach new heights,” Afridi said about PSL.