Rihanna riles up social media by hurting the sentiments of Hindu followers


Islamabad – February 17 (Online): Vocal powerhouse Rihanna is getting berated by her Indian fans once again over her recent post.
The ‘Umbrella’ hit maker turned to her Instagram with an explicit photo of herself donning a pendant of the Hindu god Ganesha.
Not long after, the photo was widely criticized as netizens gave her an earful for disrespecting the deity and hurting the religious sentiments of her Hindu followers.
A fan commented: “You’re wearing a deity necklace and a Murthi (image of a deity) of my culture that’s already been culturally appropriated enough in the past few years.”
“How is this okay when a person has more than enough resources to at least find out the meaning and significance of the chains and pendant around their neck?” wrote another.
“I just don’t understand the purpose of having a necklace with lord Ganesh as part of a campaign,” a third said.
“Our culture is not your costume,” added another.