Despite opposition’s tall claims to dislodge govt, months will also pass: Governor


LAHORE February 17 (Online): Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that despite opposition’s tall claims to dislodge the government, February, March, April and May will also pass.
Everyone will see that the government will complete its constitutional term. The long march is not easy; the opposition will not be able to keep its word. He said that there is no possibility of midterm elections and the government is strong and stable. He was talking to media at Governor’s House Lahore on Wednesday.
Governor Punjab said that the PDM would do nothing but give date after date against the government. He said that the opposition that has failed outside the Parliament will also fail inside the Parliament. Opposition parliamentarians neither resigned nor held Long March will not be able to move no-confidence motion as well.
He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan will not back down from his position and principled stance against corruption and the opposition has no option but to accept the government’s mandate.
He maintained that the credit for saving the country from economic bankruptcy goes to Prime Minister Imran Khan. The present government is taking practical steps to strengthen all sectors. He said those who conspire to stop the country from moving forward will not succeed.
Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that the government and its allies are united but there are dozens of different narratives in the PDM. Opposition has no vision or principle.
He said that the Prime Minister Imran Khan is taking the country in the right direction which is not being tolerated by the opposition parties, adding he said that if the opposition thinks that it can pressurize the government through its politics of protest, it is living in a fool’s paradise.
Governor Punjab said that transparent and non-discriminatory accountability is sine qua non to ensure economic development and stability of the country.
The government has a clear policy that accountability process in the country will not be curtailed and the government will not back down from its stance on accountability.
He said that all the promises made by the PTI government to the people would be fulfilled.