Senate chairman , deputy chairman polls tomorrow


ISLAMABAD, March 11 (Online): Polls for the slot of chairman and deputy chairman of Senate will take place today (Friday) and the newly elected Senators too will take oath while 52 senators will stand retired following completion of their tenure.

In the 100-member Senate ruling party candidate for the slot of chairman Sadiq Sanjarani has dominance over the PDM joint candidate Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani by one vote because former finance minister Ghulam Ishaq Dar will not be able to cast his vote being outside the country and JI has also decided not to support any candidate. Therefore, the ruling alliance has 49 senators on its side and PDM has 48 votes on its side.

Political manipulation has reached its zenith. PTI and PDM have geared up their contacts with independents and like minded senators.

Today the newly elected senators will too take oath. Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjarani will administer oath to them.

Polling booth for the election of chairman and deputy chairman Senate will also be set up today in Senate. The voting will take place through secret balloting.

Senate will be given the status of polling station. President will appoint any one among the sitting senators as presiding officer. The candidate which will secure simple majority will be elected as chairman senate. However in the event of equal votes the election will be held again.

Following the holding of oath taking ceremony of newly elected chairman the election of deputy chairman senate will be held.

After the oath taking by deputy chairman Senate the government and opposition will nominate leader of the house and leader of the opposition.