Ministry to pay sacrifice price of hajj pilgrims under govt scheme: Talha Mehmood


ISLAMABAD 14 May (Online): Minister of religious affairs of senator Talha Mehmood said on Sunday that the religious ministry will pay the price of sacrifice of all those Hajj Pilgrims who will perform their hajj under government hajj scheme.
First Hajj flight will take place on May 24 from Islamabad and Karachi to Saudi Arabia.
Arrangements will be made in Islamabad under the project of ‘Road to Makkah’.

Federal minister of religious affairs said more than three million people across the globe will travel to Saudi Arabia to perform hajj this year. Ministry of religious affairs will seek to provide best facilities to their pilgrims but people must be ready for intense heat and difficulties.
In his speech at ministry of religious affairs in Sunday he federal religious minister said that last year hajj event was limited and Pakistan also sent limited people but this year more than 3 million people from across the world will fly to Saudi Arab to perform hajj. Facilities that were provided last year may not be available this year, pilgrims will face intense heat and crowd however the problem those are solvable we will solve them together.

He said we got 189000 people quota from Saudi Arabia and almost 84000 people will perform hajj under government hajj scheme.
We are struggling day and night and cancelled ministry staff leaves: Talha Mehmood
He said if someone is doing good he should be encouraged not discouraged and if mistake happens from our side it should be brought to our knowledge.
He said in last few days ago one old man told him that they do not have money to perform sacrifice and I felt sad and was thinking how to solve these problems and today I want to tell you that we have decreased hajj expenses and the price of sacrifice of all hajj pilgrims those are performing hajj under government scheme.Ministry will pay 720 Saudi Riyal of each pilgrim for sacrifice.
Federal minister said in 2019 we got building in Makkah on 2600 riyals and now this year we have got buildings on 2100 riyals.
He said last year hajj fare was thousand riyal and this year it is 900 riyals.

I have summoned documents of hajj details of last five years, said religious minister.
Minister said building bookings should have done in Ramzan but we did booking now.
He said each pilgrim will go on hajj after training and if someone has not participated in training he will be rescheduled to get trained.
Talha Mehmood said ‘Road to Makkah’ immigration will be made in Islamabad airport only. 26000 pilgrims’ immigration will be made on Islamabad airport.
Every pilgrim will get free Saudi mobile sim in Saudi Arabia, he added.

Further he maintained that first assistants team will fly to Saudi Arabia on May 17. First hajj pilgrims flight will take place on 21 May from broth Karachi and Islamabad.
Talha Mehmood told that eight thousand people sent money from abroad under sponsorship scheme for dollar scheme.
We have surrendered quota of eight thousand pilgrims and again took back quota of 1500, minister said.
He told that free 24hrs shuttle service will be available for all hajj pilgrims in Makkah and Madina.