The ‘Take-off’ of Atif Aslam’s career


Islamabad – March 11 (Online): The famous singer Atif Aslam rules the hearts of people with his beautiful voice and charming personality. The talented Atif Aslam was recently spotted in an interview with “AB Talks”.
Atif Aslam talking about how his career started mentioned that “I gave up on cricket. I was planning to become a professional cricketer and I was an athlete and I worked really hard for it, but my parents knew that it’s my hobby. They didn’t know that how good I was in it but I gave up on cricket because my parents wanted me to study. I was skipping studies because of cricket.”
“After that I became quiet, I became lonely and then I heard Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with Michael Brooks. This is about 20-23 years ago and my elder brother made me hear that album. When I heard it I thought it is something amazing. It started calming me, it started making me talk to God. When I started praying I started getting the answers”, added Atif.
Atif further said that “During this period I explored myself and I got to know that I have a voice. Our house was empty because we were shifting somewhere else, I started singing there. I had no clue about music; I was 13 or 14 years old. Then first time when I used high notes I got scared and left it. Then I got a guitar from my friend and I started playing with that guitar. When I started playing with those strings of guitar I started loving it and I started singing with those tunes. That Instrument played a major role in starting my career as a singer.”