Matter of discovery of camera from polling booth in senate be fully investigated: Shibli Faraz


ISLAMABAD, March 12 (Online|: Information Minister Senator Shibli Faraz has said complete investigation should be made into the matter of installation of camera in polling booth in Senate remarking who have made politics business have been exposed.

He said this while talking to media men here Friday. He remarked how we were defeated despite having majority in National Assembly,

He went on to say we tried our best to ensure transparency in the polls. While Ali Haider Gillani temptation for spoiling votes came from Ali Haider Gillani.

He underlined opposition members conspiracy has come to fore. Those who have turned the politics into business by dint of currency notes will be exposed. Opposition enacted drama. We will tell the agents who are proxies of PML-N and PPP.

To a question on discovering of camera from polling booth he said we want this matter should be fully investigated.

He held that opposition won the election despite having less number of members in national assembly. All know who was roaming in Islamabad with money.

We adopted every method to ensure transparency in the polls, he said adding these people commit theft and then register FIR too. Black mailing and rigging are the pillars of politics of these elements.

He underscored that opposition was opposing open balloting because they are purchasers of votes. Our struggle is aimed at ridding the country of this corrupt band. While these people are struggle to save their corruption.

We had 180 members and they had 150 members but their candidate won the election, he stated. It is my question how we met defeat despite having majority in national assembly. We will reach the bottom and we will expose them who have done this.

He remarked Yousuf Raza Gillani to save Asif Ali Zardari. Yousuf Raza Gillani preferred leadership. Therefore, he became disqualified. Unless election are held through open balloting these people will continue to do such things, he added.