Govt demands resignation from EC as it knows foreign funding case decision will come against it: Shahid Khaqa Abbasi


ISLAMABAD, March 16 (Online): Former Prime Minister (PM) Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said it is known to government foreign funding case decision will come against the government, therefore, resignation has been demanded from Election Commission(EC).

“PTI foreign funding case is behind demanding resignation by the government from election commission. A day before federal cabinet attacked election commission. This has been done so for the first time not only in the history of this country but in the history of world. Government has demanded of the election commission to resign instead of accepting defeat in the election. The expected decision of PTI foreign funding case is behind demanding of resignation by the government from the election commission. Government knows decision will come against them. It will be proved that PTI acquired funding from illegal sources and the funds went into the accounts of Imran Khan. , he said this while talking to media men here Tuesday.

He went on to say cameras were installed in 100 votes election. It is action reply of election 2018, Had there been moral values in the country, then chairman Senate would have said “ I have no majority and I am going home”, he added.

Regarding resignations he said PML-N has not given assurance to any one in this regard. PML-N has clear stance resignations should be given. However PDM will take final decision.

Abbasi said “ I don’t know Shahbaz Gill. The ink should not have been thrown on him. However I have heard this man abuses others When abuses will be hurled then such fears remain. I have already said if one abuse is hurled on me I will hurl 10 abuses.