Pakistan earned over $277m by providing travel services in various countries


Islamabad March 22 (Online): Pakistan earned US $277.150 million by providing travel services in various countries in the world during the current financial year.
This shows decline of 16.04 percent as compared to US $330.104 million same services were provided during the corresponding period of fiscal year 2019-20, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) said.
During the period under review, the personal travel services decreased by 15.52 per cent, from $326.734 million last year to $276.040 million during July-January (2020-21).
Among these personal services, the exports of personal expenditure however rose by 35.62 percent while the education related expenditure however witnessed a decrease of 14.84.
The other personal services also decreased by 15.65 percent, out of which religious and other travel services witnessed decline 94 and 15.52 percent respectively.