Joint parade of armed forces in connection with Pakistan day today


ISLAMABAD, March 24 (Online): The grand military parade in connection with Pakistan Day celebrations will be held in Shakarparian ground here Islamabad today (Thursday) and president Arif Alvi will be special guest of this ceremony.

The joint parade could not take place on March 23 due to bad weather and it was rescheduled.
The contingents of the three armed forces and the security forces will conduct march past whilst fighter jets will present aerobatic maneuvers.

As per the notifications of the Deputy Commissioners of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, there will be a local holiday in the twin cities today in connection with the military parade.
Federal ministers, foreign diplomats, family members of the martyrs and other guests will participate in the ceremony in large number.
Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan is not likely to participate in the ceremony being infected by corona virus.
Extraordinary security arrangements have been made while alternative traffic arrangements have also been put in place.

The military and defence equipments will also be put to display. The cultural floats of all the four provinces, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan are also part of joint p[arade.