Halim Adil Sheikh bail plea accepted in case pertaining to instigating violence, attempted terror and murder


KARACHI, March 25 (Online): Sindh High Court (SHC) has accepted bail plea of opposition leader in Sindh Assembly (SA) Haleem Adil Sheikh in the cases pertaining to instigating violence and attempted terror and murder on the occasion of by polls.

The bail plea of Adil Sheikh in two cases came up for hearing before a two members bench of SHC comprising Chief Justice (CJ) SHC Ahmad Ali Sheikh and Justice Yousuf Ali Saeed Thursday.

The court while accepting bail plea of Aleem Adil Sheikh in two cases ordered him to file surety
Bonds of Rs 2 lac each.

The case of attacking the police and terrorism was registered against Aleem Adil Sheikh. His bail plea in instigating violence during operation against the encroachments has already been accepted.