People get infuriated when courts become political institution: Shahid Khaqan Abbasi


ISLAMABAD, March 26 (Online): PML-N senior leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said people get infuriated when the courts become political institution.

He said this while talking to media men here outside Accountability Court (AC ) here Friday.

He went on to say Maryam Nawaz says NAB is not institution for accountability and it is rather a political institution. Has NAB chairman ever read constitution.

He held “we are grateful to Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan that he brought Maryam Nawaz under discussion in corona related meeting. He should have conducted meeting on corona but he held meeting on Maryam Nawaz.

I have always said on NAB courts matters that these should be shown to the people through cameras. We see NAB court’s matters circus like. How the country will advance if the matters remain as it is.

He questioned was covid not existing a day before what it is today. The courts should be respected.

Pakistan is the only country in the world which has not purchased not a single vaccine of covid-19, he pointed out. NCCO has become a laughing stock.

He remarked what is being done regarding Kashmir, neither people nor parliament is aware about it. The entire world is talking that an agreement is being executed between Pakistan and India. What is that agreement. We want to hear that we will not back track from UN Security Council resolution.

Why the closed door meetings are held on Kashmir issue, We have held so many closed doors meeting and have suffered heavily, he said adding Pakistan is on retreat today and no one is caring for it.

Kashmir was such an issue which was not controversial but it is now being made disputed, he added.