IHC directs govt to issue new advertisement for appointment of chairperson, members’ HRC


ISLAMABAD, March 29 (Online): Islamabad High Court (IHC) has directed the federal government to issue new advertisement within two weeks in respect of appointments of chairperson and members of human rights commission remarking what advertisement has been issued runs contrary to the intent of the constitution.
The case came up for hearing before Chief Justice (CJ) of IHC Athar Minallah Monday.
CJ IHC said to DG ministry of human rights “you have negated the intent of constitution.After seeking the proposals the ministry of human rights will present the name to the Prime Minister (PM) and opposition leader. PM after consultation with the opposition leader will send three names to the parliamentary committee. In case PM and opposition leader don’t agree then the two will send the names to committee separately.
The CJ IHC while directing the ministry of human rights to present the copy of court’s orders and new summary before the federal cabinet remarked that ministry of human rights should ensure that the copy of court’s orders will be placed before the cabinet in its next meeting. The federal government should strictly adhere to the respective clauses while issuing new advertisement. The proposals rather than the application for the posts have to be invited in the public notice. The institutions, lawyers, organizations and organizations of the journalists can give proposals on the public notice. Human Rights commission is much important institution. Such extra ordinary person will not file application on his own.
He remarked the posts of chairperson and members of such important institution are lying vacant since July 2019.
The CJ IHC inquired what measures have been taken so far for making appointments on these vacant posts.
DG ministry of human rights ministry said we had given advertisement for appointments after obtaining permission from the cabinet.
The court adjourned the hearing of the case till April 15.