Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar ‘shocked’ to see Mahira Khan’s tweet


Islamabad – April 5 (Online): Khalil-ur-Rehman is a polished and competent Pakistani television and film writer, director, and producer who always remain in the limelight because of his extraordinary stories and misogynist comments.
He is known to be one of the bluntest Pakistani artists who is always complaining about various Pakistani leading actresses. khlail-ur-Rehman was recently spotted in a show “Ghabrana Mana Hai” with “Vasay Chaudhry”.
Khalil-ur-Rehma talking about his issue with Mahira Khan mentioned that “I share a very respectful relation with Mahira Khan. I respect Mahira Khan a lot and the same was from her side. I was startled to see Mahira Khan’s tweet that what she has written.”
“She could have called me personally and discuss about whatever she wanted too. If she had done this, then probably I would have responded her in a good manner”, added Khalil-ur-Rehman.