LHC summons IG Punjab police today


LAHORE, April 05 (Online): Lahore High Court (LHC) has ordered IG Police Punjab to appear before it today (Tuesday) in person for not registering case on the orders of the court.

Justice Sarfraz Dogar of LHC took up two petitions of the same nature for hearing Monday wherein the matter of non registering cases despite court’s orders was pointed out.

Justice Sarfraz Dogar remarked overlooking court’s orders is intolerable. IG should appear in the court and explain as to why court’s orders were not implemented.

The court was told during the course of hearing of the case that Sessions court had ordered the police to register the case but police ignored the court’s orders in connection with registration of case.

The court was prayed to issue directives for implementation of court’s orders for registration of case.