Chairman NAB considers himself sacred cow and above the law: Public Accounts Committee (PAC)



ISLAMABAD, April 07 : Public Accounts Committee (PAC) while expressing annoyance over non attending the committee meeting by chairman NAB Justice (Retd) Javed Iqbal has expelled his representative Director Finance from the committee meeting.

The PAC said chairman NAB considers himself sacred cow and above the law. He maintains account of every pie of the politicians but he is not prepared to render account of what he is spending from the national kitty.

PAC met under its chairman Rana Tanvir Hussain here Wednesday.

The committee expressed displeasure over non attending committee meeting by chairman NAB and non holding of monthly meeting of the departmental accounts committee by the different ministries.

The committee also expressed annoyance over non participation in the meeting by the secretary federal public service commission.

The committee has decided to write displeasure letters to the secretaries who have failed to attend the meeting.

Ayyaz Sadiq said if chairman NAB and secretary do not come then we should tender resignation.

Chairman PAC Rana Tanvir Hussain said chairman NAB takes account from every one but he does not render his account. If he spends money from national exchequer then he will have to give account. He maintains account of every pie which is spent by us but he is not prepared to appear before the committee. If he has not to give account then he should appoint principal accounting officer some one else.

Chairman PAC said chairman NAB should open his eyes and give us his account.

The committee while expressing displeasure over attending the meeting by the officers below the level of secretaries expelled DG Federal Public Service Commission and Director Finance.

Being intercepted repeatedly by Ayyaz Sadiq, Chairman PAC vented his ire on Ayyaz Sadiq.

Ayyaz Sadiq said what matter has been resolved by sub committee should be announced.

Rana Tanvir Hussain said whosoever becomes speaker becomes half mad.

Sheikh Rohil Asghar said why the gas supply is not disconnected to defaulting departments. What is salary of who appoints heads of sui gas companies.

The salary of those whosoever appoint is less then whosoever is appointed. The line losses of gas companies are how much.

PAC sought details of the salaries of heads of the gas companies.

Chairman PAC said defaulting companies and departments have hired the services of powerful lawyers. The judges decide by seeing the faces. Assistant attorney general represents the government who doesn’t speak before the lawyers. The restructuring of the ministry of petroleum is needed. The fiscal discipline is next to nil.