08 APRIL, 2021: Two-week long Multi-National air exercise “ACES Meet 2021-1” concluded at an Operational Base of Pakistan Air Force today. A closing ceremony was held in this regard. Air Commodore Ali Naeem Zahoor, Base Commander PAF Base, Mushaf was the chief guest at the occasion. His Excellency Nawaf Saeed Al-Malky, Ambassador KSA to Pakistan graced the ceremony as Guest of Honour. Air Vice Marshal (Pilot) / Staff Awad Abdullah Al Zahrani, Defence Attache KSA and Colonel Wallin David, Air Attache USA were also present in the ceremony along with observers from Bahrain, Egypt and Jordan.

Addressing the participants of the exercise, the chief guest said, “PAF is happy to share its experiences and expertise in the field of Counter-Terrorism Operations with RSAF & USAF. At the same time, Exercise ACES Meet has also provided a good opportunity for us for mutual learning.” He further said, “With the successful and meaningful conduct of exercise, we have consolidated our resolve, that we stand by each other as allies and friends.”

His Excellency Nawaf Saeed Al-Malky, Ambassador KSA to Pakistan while sharing his views with the audience thanked Pakistan Air Force for arranging such exercise, especially in COVID-19 situation. He said that such exercises increase the comradeship and professional excellence of the participants. Colonel Wallin David, Air Attache USA also congratulated Pakistan Air Force on successful completion of the exercise.

ACES MEET 2021-1 featured active participation of PAF, RSAF and USAF participated in the exercise whereas Bahrain, Egypt and Jordan air forces were invited as observers.