Shahbaz Sharif bail plea in money laundering case accepted


LAHORE, April 14 (Online): Lahore High Court (LHC) has accepted bail plea of opposition leader in National Assembly (NA) Shahbaz Sharif in money laundering reference and ordered to release him.

Bail plea of Shahbaz Sharif in money laundering case came up for hearing before a two members bench of LHC on Wednesday.

NAB prosecutor argued before the court Shahbaz Sharif family inherited Ramzan sugar mills and Nawaz Sharif family inherited Chaudhry Sugar mills. Shahbaz Sharif family held assets amounting to Rs 26.5 million before 1990. Shahbaz Sharif family assets reached Rs7.32 billion in 2018. This family has 9 benamidar and assets were accumulated on their names as well. Shahbaz Sharif says he earned profit of Rs 124 million but it was not told what was that business.

NAB prosecutor told the court Suleman Shahbaz declared his shares valuing Rs 19 lac in 2003 which also became asset after 2005 when TTS started coming. 14 lac dollars were sent in papar wala account. This way Mehboob Ali who does not hold passport was sent one million dollars. 10 TTs were sent to the account of Rabia Imran, daughter of Shahbaz Sharif.

NAB counsel said in his arguments Tahir Naqvi, co-accused of Shahbaz Sharif is absconding. TTs of million of rupees were sent in his account. Tahir Naqvi used to give the amount of all TTS to Suleman Shahbaz. The entire family of Shahbaz Sharif received TTs. The money was sent to the accounts of employees of chief minister secretariat which were being operated by Haroon Yousuf. These all were linked in one way or other to Shahbaz Sharif.

After hearing the arguments the court directed Mian Shahbaz Sharif to file two surety bonds of Rs 5 million each. The court ordered to release Mian Shahbaz Sharif.