Geeta Basra reveals why she never returned to acting after marrying Harbhajan Singh


MUMBAI, April 15 (Online): Harbhajan Singh’s wife, former actor Geeta Basra, has revealed why she never returned to work after starting a family with him. The couple is expecting a second child.
Former actor Geeta Basra has spoken about her decision to not return to work after marrying cricketer Harbhajan Singh, and starting a family with him. The couple has one daughter, Hinaya, born in 2016. They recently announced that they are expecting their second child.
In an interview, she said that she would consider returning to work when she is ready, and that women should follow their passions and not be defined by ‘motherhood’ alone.
She told Pinkvilla, “I have grown up with a working mum, who has raised her family so well… Whatever we have today is because of her. I take that as my inspiration. I don’t women should give up on any of their passions.”
She continued, “Being a mother is the most rewarding and fulfilling role I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve loved every moment being with Hinaya. It was a personal choice that I didn’t want to work… I was enjoying motherhood so much, and enjoying her milestones, and making sure that I’m there for every single moment of hers — her first walk, her first laugh, her first word.”

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She said that ‘multitasking’ comes naturally to women, and that ‘just motherhood shouldn’t define you’, but at the end of the day, ‘it’s a personal choice’. She added, “I enjoy what I used to do, and when the time comes, and when I’m ready, I will definitely head back to work.”
As for being with her family during lockdown, Geeta said that they’ve never spent this amount of time together, ever, not even back when they were dating. She said that her friends joke that they are now finally ‘living like a married couple’.
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Geeta and Harbhajan’s second child is due in July. Talking about becoming a mom for the second time, she told Hindustan Times in a recent interview, “It’s very different and this pregnancy has been very difficult. Hinaya’s was a smoother ride in terms of eating but this time, it is difficult to eat and I am not craving anything. I was really looking forward to indulging in some good food but maybe in the next couple of months, things change.”