Govt did wrong by entering into agreement with religious party: CM Sindh


ISLAMABAD, April 19 (Online): Chief Minister (CM) Sindh Murad Ali Shah has said government did wrong by signing agreement with religious party.

“government did wrong by entering into agreement with religious party. The provinces should be taken into confidence on this matter. No such thing should be done to take advantage for the time being which harms later” he said this while talking to media men on the occasion of his appearance in the court Monday.

He held no compromise could be made on Namoos-e- Risalat. In reaction to what happened in Lahore a day before, country wide wheel jam strike has been announced. We have made contacts with religious parties in Sindh. No difficulties should be created for others due to our any reaction, he added

Sindh government has said if some one shuts down his shop on his own then we will not stop them. If some one wants to protest peacefully we will not stop him. If law and order situation is created then we will take safety measures, he underlined.

He stated PPP was facing the cases. The reports about deal are not correct. Khurshid Shah is in jail since a long period.

He remarked reference was made on a successful project which is supplying electricity to the people of Karachi. Record containing 68 volumes has been brought in the court. 17 accused have been made. Then case runs for long time. 100 megawatt electricity is being generated due to this project for Karachi. We are not receiving money due to this NAB reference.

Commenting on Corona situation he said he had attended NCOC previous meeting in Karachi. His proposal for shutting transport was not accepted. The spread of virus would have stopped had we shut transport for two days, he added.

Corona cases are on rise in Sindh as per provincial health department Sindh, he said adding it seems as if federation will take no action and we will have to find a way to come out of this virus.