We will launch Tahaffaz-e-Namoos-e-Risalat campaign by taking Muslim countries with us: PM


ISLAMABAD, April 19 (Online): Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said certain political and religious parties misuse Islam some time and cause harm to their own country.

“ We will raise voice against Islamophobia by taking Muslim countries alongside us. Violence and protests in the country will not send good message for the safety of Namoos-e-Risalat. Using religion by political and religious parties is deplorable” he said this while addressing a ceremony in Islamabad on Monday in connection with the ground-breaking of Margalla highway.
He held violence and demonstrations will make no difference for West and on the other hand we will suffer loss due to them. I make it clear on them that we all love the holy property here.

“We all have the one objective It is Pakistani nation which loves the holy property and deen more than any other in the entire world”, he added. .

He questioned does government not feel pain when blasphemous act is committed. Who has read the heart that who has felt more or less pain.

He underscored the need for launching campaign for this purpose. We will take along heads of all the Muslim states and the pressure due to which we are afflicted again and again will change.

As long as we remain indulged in ransacking properties and violence in the country, no solution to this issue will come out, he remarked. What campaign we will launch will bring about big change, he added. .

Prime Minister Imran Khan said he has launched a campaign at the international level to put a permanent stop to blasphemous acts taking place in the western world.
The Prime Minister said his aim is to band together the heads of states of Muslim countries and present a strong case of Muslim Ummah on the issue of Islamophobic incidents.
He observed we have already highlighted the issue at the forums of the United Nations and the European Union. He was confident that his campaign will bring a change. He said the blasphemous acts against Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wa Sallam Khatim un Nabiyeen hurts the sentiments of the Muslims.
The Prime Minister said this country was carved out on the name of Islam and its people love and adore their religion and Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wa Sallam Khatim un Nabiyeen the most.

He stated Margalla Highway project is an old project, however no work was done over it. Islamabad population has increased one and half fold during the last 20 years. More infrastructure was to be developed due to growth in population. Islamabad receives rain equal to London. There is greenery here. .

I assure all the people that it is the present government only which has shown more concern for environment in the history of country.
He assured that the protection of environment will be fully taken care of whilst executing such projects. He said it is the first government which has given serious consideration and priority to deal with the issue of climate change.
Imran Khan said the Highway project will not only ensure protection of Margalla Hills National Park but also promote tourism by ensuring easy access to Galiyat like picturesque sites.

He said that population is growing in Islamabad day by day and key to traffic problem lies in only this ring road.