Imran Ashraf Wins His Fans over His Latest Statement


Islamabad – April 19 (Online): Imran Ashraf is one of the most talented actors in Pakistan’s drama industry. He has been peculiar about the choice of characters in dramas and It wouldn’t be wrong to call Imran Ashraf the epitome of a perfect character actor as he always manages to acclimate himself into any role that he plays. However, it is not just Imran Ashraf’s acting skills that have impressed people but also his humble personality. Imran has garnered love and praise from everyone because of how he handles all the haters.
Recently Imran Ashraf took to his social media account and shared an important and meaningful message for his fans. Imran Ashraf want every single human being to be sure to do the right by being mindful and kind towards others this Ramazan.
“Sirf rooti khanay say nahe, Haq khanay say bhi roza toot jata hai (You may lose your fast by engulfing other’s rights as well)”, wrote Imran Ashraf.