Public’s reaction on Amir Liaqat’s ‘nagin dance’ video


Islamabad – April 20 (Online): Amir Liaquat is a Pakistani politician and a religious figure who has earned quite a reputation for his eccentric mix of stunts, which are often followed by controversies and scandals. Being the center of multiple debates, Amir yet again makes his way to the limelight as he hilariously grooves on the beat of “Nagin” on his show “Piyara Pakistan”.
Amir Liaquat had invited Aijaz Aslam and Nadia Khan to his show and guests were left quite bewildered and laughing over his dance.
Stealing ratings through his entertaining Ramadan show, netizens are divided over his recent video doing rounds on the web. While some are welcoming the comic relief, some find his action bizarre considering he is currently hosting a Ramadan show.
A social media user while criticizing Amir’s dance asked ‘Can a scholar of Islam conduct Ramadan transmission in shape of Satan?’
Another one wrote ‘By looking at these dances in Ramadan. I feel like these shows must be banned.’