Meeting with Imran Khan to take place soon: Jahangir Tareen


Lahore, April 22 (Online): PTI leader Jahangir Tareen has said he has old relationship with Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan and soon they will meet.

“ relations between me and Imran Khan are old and it is such relationship which should not be weakened. I and Imran Khan have waged struggle jointly. I had invited my friends to Iftar party. A day before some friends from Islamabad contacted me and assured me that a meeting of my group will take place with PM within some days. Cool breeze blew from Islamabad and then we became satisfied. 40 members of assembly are with me. When friends are invited then they go after consultation with the group”, he said this while talking to media men on the occasion of his appearance in the court.
He underlined PML-N sent notice to me after investigation when I stood with Imran Khan but PML-N did not turn civil case into criminal case.

He held no shareholder is claimant against him. All are happy with me. Case against me is not criminal. This case is not related to FIA. These are SECP and FBR cases. Court will provide me justice at every cost.

“I watched news report about government committees on TV. But no one contacted him. I said I will not talk to government committee.