NA secretariat shut till April 30 due to rise in corona cases to alarming proportion


ISLAMABAD, April 23 (online): National Assembly (NA) Secretariat in parliament house has been closed till April 30 in the face of rise in corona cases to alarming proportion.

Orders have been issued to the employees to work at their homes and an office order has been issued by NA Secretariat on this count.

Directives have been issued to heads of all departments to call only necessary staff in offices till May 3 and there is no need to call unnecessary staff. The employees will use electronic communication for office work.

The employees have been directed not to leave the station and they will be required to become available for office on one hour notice.

According to office order meetings of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and all standing committees to be held till April 30 have been postponed and their new schedule will be announced later.

Sources said over 200 positive cases of corona virus in respect of parliament house have been reported so far and over 15 officers and lower grade employees have passed away due to corona virus. More than one employees are reported to have been infected by corona virus in several departments of Parliament house.