Shahbaz Shareif calls for evolving day to day consultation among federation, provinces on corona situation


ISLAMABAD, APRIL 27 (Online): PML-N president Mian Shahbaz Sharif has expressed grave concern over increasing exygen shortage and disastrous corona situation besides calling for evolving comprehensive emergency strategy in consultations with all quarters concerned to save the country from Indian like mishap.

He held that focus be placed on improving the strategy to save the people from new variant of virus and its fatal consequences. The model of successful strategy evolved in our tenure to deal with dengue can be used.

He called upon the government to accelerate the pace of supply of corona vaccine for the protection of life of the people. Assistance can be sought from the private sector in this regard.

He warned that any more hesitation, ambiguity and delay in the existing phase of corona will be fatal mistake.

The result deduced from the previous years experience is that the only way to rein in corona virus is vaccinating the maximum people, he added.

This is criminal negligence that government has not taken timely steps to purchase the desired quantity of vaccine, he underlined. Due to this reason the corona has spread to alarming proportion. Focus be placed on phased administrative matters with clear and unequivocal mind and policy.

He stressed that correct determination of ground realities , provision of trusted statistics and effective monitoring of steps will have to be ensured.

He underscored that consultation process among federation, all the four provinces, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan be launched on day to day basis.

He appealed to the people to follow Corona virus SOPs strictly and cooperate with government institutions in ensuring the elimination of this fatal virus.
He urged the government to reactivate the local bodies and seek help from them and their representatives to control this virus.