Hareem Farooq welcomes official interest in TV, film industry


Islamabad – April 26 (Online): Film producer and actress Hareem Farooq has said that interest in the film and TV industry at the official level is a welcome development for the showbiz industry as it would boost the morale of not only artists, but also the filmmakers.
In an exclusive interview, the actress said that it was time we did away with traditional films and focused on productions of international quality. We will have to use modern means of access to show them, she added.
She said that in the midst of the pandemic, Indian filmmakers have started releasing their films on social and web platforms, adding that Pakistan must also formulate a strategy in this regard.
Talking about her work, Hareem said that so far she has produced half a dozen films. “The fact that the films I have released were given many awards is nothing short of an honor for me”, she said.