Kisan card will change Pakistan: PM


MULTAN, April 26 (Online): Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said the Kisan card launched today will change Pakistan.

“We have taken such step today which will prove we are heading towards modern agriculture. The economy will go robust as much as farmer grows stronger. Our farmers are adhering to the methods of Mohenjo Daro. We are heading towards modern agriculture with the launch of Kissan card. I am happy Punjab government has taken revolutionary steps for the farming community”, PM said this while addressing a Kisan Card distribution ceremony in Multan on Monday,

PM observed farmer is back bone of Pakistan. The more we make him stronger the more will Pakistan be fortified. Corruption will slide at the pace we will move towards modern technology.

He disclosed in our era the support price of wheat increased by Rs 500 and as a result farming community got Rs 500 billion.

He held that the abject poverty lies in villages. This way we are heading towards poverty reduction target. The inflow of Rs 1200 billon to rural areas means situation will improve therein.
Through Kissan card subsidy will be provided to farmers on Rs 1000 DLP and this way subsidy will be given on fertilizer, pesticides.

We will be able to disburse loans through this kissan card, he announced. The farming community will be extended financial assistance through this card when the crops are destroyed through calamities.

He told that water is the biggest issue due to which the production is affected adversely. 2 larger dams are being constructed after 50 years. Farmers will get additional water due to these dams. Small dams and canals are also being constructed. Rs 200 billion are allocated for cementing the canals in our transformation plan.

He indicated that agriculture has been included in CPEC after holding talks with China. The best agriculture institutions which were downgraded for want of attention are being renewed, he pointed out.
Imran Khan said this way we will be able to enhance agricultural production through use of Chinese technology. He said seed research institutions are being revamped, and efforts are underway for local production of pulses, edible oil and soybean.
The Prime Minister said farmers will be trained to increase the agricultural production. He said forty billion rupees have been allocated to increase production of milk in the country. For reducing losses of vegetables, fruits and grains; storages and food processing plants will be established.
Imran Khan said the government plans to take steps to considerably enhance production of various agricultural products, including wheat, rice, corn, pulses, fruits, vegetables and fisheries.
He said he himself will supervise the work on the plan aimed at developing agriculture sector in the country.

He underlined it has been decided that storage and food processing plant will be manufactured in Pakistan which will save us from loss.

He remarked loans will be provided to the farmers so that they could get more money to enhance their production.