PML-N MNA Javed Latif arrested following rejection of his interim bail plea


LAHORE, April 27 (Online): PML-N leader and Member of National Assembly (MNA) Javed Latif has been arrested following the rejection of his interim bail plea by the sessions court.

Sessions Court Lahore took up for hearing Javed Latif petition seeking interim bail in the case registered against him for making provocative speeches.

The law officer took the plea that the controversial statement given by Javed Latif in the love for his leader is tantamount to transgress the limits. The clauses incorporated in the case against Javed Latif are not bailable. The bail cannot be granted to Javed Latif at this stage.

The court dismissed petition pertaining to interim bail of Javed Latif after hearing the stance of both sides.

Police arrested Javed Latif following rejection of his bail plea.

Javed Latif has issued a video statement before his arrest saying “ this is now Pakistan where terrorists are set free but those who identify the ills are dubbed traitors.

He went on to say only institutions administer justice. If Jahangir Tareen was involved in wrong doings then who is Imran Khan to say that he would provide justice to him.