Interviews for different posts scheduled for Thursday in PIPS, Parliament cancelled



ISLAMABAD, April 29 : Interviews for different posts scheduled for Thursday in parliament house and PIPS despite holidays due to corona virus have been cancelled following the publication of the news items on this count.

On the other hand chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani has brought the PIPS employees on ministry of housing panel by exercising his influence for enabling them to allotment of government residence.

News item was released by Online tests for different posts are being taken in PIPS despite holidays due to corona virus and this way corona virus SOPs are being violated blatantly.

Owing to publication of this news item, the interview for the posts of DG and research officers which were to be taken Thursday were cancelled to avert media criticism.

On the other hand reports are pouring in that official vehicles are being misused in PIPS and officers are misusing the official vehicles for personal interests. Its glaring example is black colored corola vehicle bearing No Gx 252. This vehicle is owned by PIPS but it has been provided to an officer of Senate secretariat who is using it. No record of this vehicle is available in the log book. This vehicle has been given only to please the respective officer because different summaries with reference to PIPS are forwarded to concerned quarters through this officer.

Sources told Online that state office cannot allot government residences to the employees of autonomous bodies, authorities and institutes as per rules. On the other hand chairman Senate used his influence for the employees of PIPS and got permission for allotment of government residences to PIPS employees through housing minister Tariq Bashir Cheema.

Sources said most of the employees were appointed in PIPS on the recommendation of chairman Senate during the last three years. Now they will be allowed to be allotted government residences