Proscribed TLP challenges ban imposed on it in interior ministry


ISLAMABAD, April 29 (Online): Proscribed Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) has challenged in interior ministry ban imposed upon it by the government.

The government has convened high level meeting today (Friday) to review the TLP application. Interior secretary Yousuf Nasim Khokhar will preside over the meeting.

Interior ministry sources have confirmed that an application has been received from TLP through their counsel wherein they have taken the plea that TLP is not terrorist outfit nor it has any link with terrorism. “we are a religious party and TLP is registered with election commission. It has been taking part in the general election 2018 and other by polls after general election. The ban imposed on TLP is illegal. Therefore, the ban be lifted and its status to TLP be restored to it.

A senior official of interior ministry has confirmed that application from banned TLP has been received. A high level meeting under interior secretary will be held today (Friday) to review this plea.