Al-Qadir Trust corruption case : NAB Rawalpindi summons Imran today


RAWALPINDI, May 17 (Online): NAB Rawalpindi has summoned Imran Khan today (Thursday) in the matter of illegal transfer of 190 million pounds from UK in Al-Qadir trust corruption case.

The NAB has sought replies to 20 questions from Imran Khan regarding illegal transfer of 190 million pounds from UK.

It has been said in the questionnaire that Imran Khan took financial benefits by returning 190 million pounds to the accused persons after bringing them from UK. imran Khan obtained 458 kanals land and Rs 280 million by returning 190 million ponds to the accused which were owned by state of Pakistan.
Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi trust collected heavy amounts as donations by returning 190 million pounds to the accused.

NAB said Imran Khan should appear before NAB combined investigation team today on Thursday.

Imran Khan neither appeared nor gave any reply in connection with NAB March 02 call up notice.

NAB said Imran Khan is deliberately escaping from NAB inquiry.

NAB also called record from Imran Khan regarding correspondence with UK Crime agency. NAB also sought record from Imran Khan in respect of freezing orders of 190 million pounds.

NAB also called record on how much donations was made by Imran Khan to Al-Qadir trust.

NAB has warned Imran Khan of dire consequences if he does not join NAB investigation.