The past governments took no steps for scaling up exports: PM


ISLAMABAD, April 29 (Online): Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said that the erstwhile governments have done nothing to enhance the exports of the country in the past.

“ money is extorted from the labor class in Saudi Arabia. I am recalling Pakistan embassy staff from Saudi Arabia. Order for holding inquiry against Pakistan ambassador in Saudi Arabia has been issued. We will award exemplary punishment to them”, PM said this while addressing Roshan Digital Account ceremony here Thursday.

He held that the major problem of Pakistan is overlooking the exports sector. No one has ever stressed on enhancing the exports of Pakistan. We have to move to IMF due to non increase in exports and shortage of dollars. Improving the exports against the imports is must for economic development.

He remarked our banks are not accustomed to extend loans to poor people.

The record remittances have been received in the country from overseas Pakistanis last years, he pointed out. The rupee is devalued due to current account deficit.

The role played by the banks for betterment of construction sector is appreciable, he said. Lack of stability in rupee value impacts the investment.

This has remained major tragedy that that no one evolved long term planning, he remarked. We have option of overseas Pakistanis remittances unless we jack up our exports, he added.

The state bank and finance ministry should mull over it how this vacuum can be filled till the upswing in the exports, he observed.