Full court reference on the eve of retirement of SC Judge Justice Manzoor Ahmad Malik


ISLAMABAD, April 30 (Online): Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Gulzar Ahmad has paid rich tributes to Justice Manzoor Ahmad Malik on his services saying lawyers and judges will continue to benefit from his services for judiciary for ever.

He said this while addressing a full court reference held here Friday on the eve of retirement of Justice Manzoor Ahmad Malik
The CJP observed “ I do not wish to burden the speech by making reference to many of his admirable judgments, which he has delivered, but one among them do need mentioning i.e. the historic verdict regarding mentally ill prisoners on death row, while heading a three member bench of this Court in the case of Mst. Safia Bano v. Home Department, Government of Punjab (Civil Review Petition No.420 of 2016). This verdict will go down in the history of Pakistan as a brave judgment in which Justice Malik has highlighted mental health issues of the convicts, which have not been previously addressed so elaborately in the jurisprudence of Pakistan. This very verdict of Justice Malik was specifically noted and appreciated by the United Nations experts on its website and called on the Governments and judiciaries of other States to follow the example set by this verdict of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The human rights activists nationally and internationally including the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Justice Project Pakistan and Amnesty International have separately commented upon and paid tribute to this historic judgment.
Justice Manzoor Ahmad Malik said the bar extended full cooperation in the administration of justice. The career as judge was not easy. I am grateful to my staff as without them I could not discharge my obligations, he added.

Vice Chairman Pakistan Bar Council Khushdil Khan said the decision in Justice Qazi Faez Isa case further fortified the Supreme Court (SC), This decision defeated forces of tyranny. The independence of judiciary is must for supremacy of the constitution and rule of law. If any honest judge is removed at the behest of the administration then it will open door to removal of other judges.

Secretary SC Bar said the supreme judiciary lacks case management. The petitions seeking early hearing of the cases are rejected. Due to this attitude the pending cases have piled up.

He went on to say that decision in Justice Qazi Faez case will have far reaching repercussion.

‘ I deem it necessary to laud the act of Justice Qazi Faez Isa for standing like a rock before the pressure. He showed courage for the domination of law, he added.