PM should make public reasons for returning 3 billion dollars loan to Saudi Arabia: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari


LAHORE, May 10 (Online): PPP chairman Bilawal Bhuto Zardari has said Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan should make public the reasons for returning the loans of 3 billion dollars to Saudi Arabia.

“It is tragedy that Imran Khan obtained loan from China for paying back the Saudi loan of 3 billion dollars”, he said this in a statement issued here Monday.

He held “ how ironical it is that PM Imran Khan who had announced to obtain loan never is roaming in the entire world with begging bowl.

“PM Sahb we know you have vast experience for collecting donation but the countries don’t run on donations, he remarked.

The life of common man has become miserable due to these flawed economic policies of Imran Khan government. Every Pakistani who has to owe about 2 lac loan is paying price of ineptness of Imran Khan, he underlined.

Imran Khan should come out of Bani Gala palace then he will come to know common man is worried how much financially in connection with preparations for Eid. Evey body in Pakistan is paying terrible price of imran Khan tsunami of change.

Hesitation shown by Chinese government in releasing funds of 6 billion dollars for ML-1 railway track is in fact lack of trust on Imran government, he remarked.

He claimed that Chinese investment companies have informed their government about their mistrust on PTI led government.

The foreign governments and investors are hesitating to make investment in the country during the incompetent government of Imran Khan, he claimed.