Army chief has declared in clear terms army is with democratic government: Sheikh Rashid


ISLAMABAD, May 17 (Online): Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad while making confirmation about inclusion of Shahbaz Sharif name in ECL has said his name has been put on ECL.

“Shahbaz Sharif name has been placed on ECL. The air and navel institutions have been informed about this decision. If Shahbaz Sharif is allowed to go abroad then he can influence the approvers. When Nawaz Sharif did not return then how younger brother was to return. All the suspects be treated on equal footing as per norms of justice”, he said this while addressing press conference here Monday.

Interior minister held Shahbaz Sharif was guarantor that he would bring back Nawaz Sharif to home. Instead he was fleeing from here before Sehri. This is the only country in the world where the case was filed in a day and on the same day it was decided despite objections. Ticket was also booked on the same day despite the fact there was blockage and he could not go to UK. He was to quarantine himself for 15 days in Qatar but despite it he was to flee from here.

He went on to say that names of all other suspects except Shahbaz Sharif were on ECL. As per section 25 of the constitution that all should be treated equally to meet norms of justice. This was not equal treatment that 14 accused were on ECL and one was fleeing from Pakistan in the darkness of night
He informed that the law ministry and interior ministry sent summary to federal cabinet through cabinet committee which was accepted. On Monday morning interior ministry issued notification of putting name of Shahbaz Sharif in ECL.

Responding to a question he had no such information that he came out under some deal or he was travelling abroad under deal or his narrative is changed.

He indicated that Zubair Sahb said our relations have become very good. Then we are happy that the relations are good.

He hinted it is these relations that we were being abused in the public meetings at Gujranwala and other cities. He is the only politician in the world who wants to enjoy the life of opposition leader in London and wants to stay in the power in Pakistan.

He pointed out that five members of Sharif family are already absconding and living in London. Shahbaz Sharif tried to flee instead of bringing Nawaz Sharif back.

He claimed that Shahbaz Sharif has not filed any medical related documents like his brother. No board was held in respect of him nor had he told that what is treatment of his disease .

Interior minister underlined that Shahbaz Sharif had filed no application with reference to appearance before the trial court nor had he appointed any representative. He had neither said any thing that who would see his case. Therefore, NAB put up some recommendations in this respect which were accepted by the cabinet committee.

He indicated that 4 persons have become approvers in case against Shahbaz Sharif. Opposition leader can file petition within 15 days if he so wills.

I have no information about deal, he said adding army chief has declared in clear terms that army is with democratic government.