Celebs out in support of Palestine


Karachi – May 18 (Online): Pakistani showbiz stars are not only supporting the Palestine movement through social media but also participating in street protests to show their solidarity with the Palestinian people.
Pakistani stars have always been vocal about the national and international political scenario. Whether it is discrimination of any form or it is the Kashmir issue, our artists have always supported humanity and talked about it. Recently, almost all the artists expressed their solidarity with Palestine.
The Heartthrob Fawad Khan on Monday staged his protest against Israeli brutality and showed solidarity with innocent Palestinian people by participating in a public rally at Lahore. Fawad was accompanied by his wife Sadaf and daughter.
Actor Ali Rehman Khan shared few snaps and videos on his social media account in which he could be seen staging protest along with actor Osman Khalid Butt. Both the actors were chanting for ‘free Palestine’.
Actors Hania Amir and Maryam Nafees were also part of this rally. Hania later uploaded pictures and videos of the rally on her instagram account.
Apart from these, almost all the showbiz stars are openly condemning Israel’s illegal aggression and oppression against Palestine and chanting for Palestine’s complete independence.