If your name was not in inquiry report then why you felt need to hold press conference: PM inquires annoyingly from Ghulam Sarwar Khan

Siddeeq Sajid


ISLAMABAD, May 18 (Online): Prime Minister (PM) gave vent to his anger on federal minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan saying if he is not named in the inquiry report then what need was felt by him for holding press conference.

“Thanks God we took timely action and this was going to become a big financial scam for the government” the PM said this while presiding over federal cabinet meeting here Tuesday.

The cabinet met here under the PM Tuesday. Prayers were offered for those who have been martyred in Palestine in Israeli barbarity. The cabinet exchanged views on situation in Palestine. The federal ministers condemned Israeli aggression in the strongest terms.

The government has decided to send aid for the Muslims in Ghaza.

Sources said that aviation minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan exploded in the meeting over ring road scandal saying the investigations and TORs of Punjab government were against him. PM kept on calming down Ghulam Sarwar Khan.

Ghulam Sarwar Khan said he was being named on TV channels and social media.

The PM said “ you should have given reply on social media. Had this matter been not investigated then it would have grown into a mammoth financial scandal.

The PM while expressing resentment over Sarwar Khan said if his name was not mentioned in scandal then why did he hold press conference.

PM was of the view that Zulfi Bokhari name was also running on social media despite the fact that no direct allegation was leveled against him. But he set good precedent by tendering resignation so that he could not influence the investigation.

PM said “ you saw in the past that allegations were leveled against Babar Awan, Haleem Khan and Sabtain Khan and they resigned from their office, got clear themselves and returned to cabinet. When no direct allegation was leveled against you then what was the need of holding press conference. If you were to hold press conference then you should have held it after tendering resignation.

The sources said Ghulam Sarwar replied that he was ready to give resignation still but the entire matter was mishandled.

PM said one thing is very clear I am not ready to give any concession on the matter of accountability. Whosoever indulges in corruption and is found involved in financial scam will not be spared. If the person like Jahangir Tareen who is my close friend and senior leader of party is facing investigation then all will have to face because he is not ready to compromise on transparency.

Sources said the matter of giving right to vote to overseas Pakistanis also came under discussion in the meeting. PM directed to make this matter more effective.

PM Imran Khan said overseas Pakistanis are real asset. We will enhance facilities for them. When confidence of the overseas Pakistanis boosted on national leadership then the remittances inflow enhanced. The Pakistani embassies should extend facilities to overseas Pakistanis. I held inquiry and as a result horrendous things came to open.