We are, were and will remain part of PTI: Jahangir Tareen


LAHORE, May 19 (Online): PTI estranged leader Jahangir Tareen has said he was is and will remain part of PTI.

“ I reject the media reports and make it clear that we were, are and will remain the part of PTI. Imran Khan is justice loving person and we hope we will be administered justice. Complete money trail has been provided to FIA. Punjab government attitude with my group is inappropriate. The victimization by the Punjab government should stop”, he said this while talking to media men outside Judicial complex Wednesday.

The clarification is necessary. There are two problems. First problem is of Jahangir and FIA. My all friends stand with me in this matter, he remarked.

When my friends met Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan he met them open mindedly and cordially. PM nominated Ali Zafar for inquiry, he stated.

The documents have been handed over on all the matters on which FIA have raised the question. All the money trail has been provided. Ali Zafar report will soon come to light, he added.

Jahangir Tareen held that Imran Khan has assured us fully that we would not be subjected to any victimization and we will be administered justice. I was fully confident that PM Imran Khan is justice loving person and he will meet the norms of justice.

He accused that it happened so later that Punjab government started victimization of his friends and due to this pressure his associates decided they would raise voice in Punjab.

Jahangir Tareen underlined that Punjab government was responsible for all of it which was absolutely wrong attitude. Punjab government had started transferring the officers.

Remember it that this group was not formed yesterday but it came into being three months earlier, he pointed it. This impression is wrong that the said group was set up a day before.

He claimed that pressure was being mounted on his associates against the policy of PM Imran Khan. In order to raise voice in provincial assembly it was necessary that we should nominate a member of provincial assembly so that he could guide.

This was the only matter but the media declared it forward block, he remarked. We are and will remain part of PTI.

He urged Punjab government to refrain from acts of victimization as the provincial government is pressurizing those members of provincial assembly who are in fact the part of their government. No mention of sugar is made in FIR, he indicated.