IHC declares NADRA orders for blocking NIC, revoking citizenship of former senator Hamduallah illegal


ISLAMABAD, May 19 (Online): Islamabad High Court (IHC) has declared NADRA orders for blocking National Identity Card (NIC) and revoking citizenship of former senator Hamdullah illegal remarking NADRA overstepped it powers.

NADRA had blocked Hafiz Hamdullah NIC in October 2019 besides cancelling his citizenship.

The Chief Justice (CJ) of IHC Athar Minallah while announcing reserved judgment remarked the citizenship is the major fundamental right and the NADRA had no powers to revoke it. NADRA was repeatedly asked that it should not do so. This is the worst kind of violation of fundamental rights.

The CJ IHC raised the question how can NADRA see any report of intelligence agencies directly. Intelligence agencies are subordinate to some ministry or division. Only the respective ministry can provide report of intelligence agencies. How do you revoke the citizenship of a citizen. It should not be done so. There is law in place in the country. There is constitution in place in the country.

The CJ IHC raised the question in his verdict what can be its effects if the NIC is blocked for one day.

The court remarked about NADRA that under what law NADRA has set up district committees. If parliamentary committee has asked for constituting district committees then whether they can go against the law.