Country which neglects disadvantaged sections of society can not make progress: PM


ISLAMABAD, May 24 (Online): Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said a country which ignores disadvantaged sections of society can not make progress.

“ The country which ignores oppressed class can not make progress. The disadvantaged class would have suffered more had we not run the Ehsaas Program fast. The poverty can be eliminated on fast track basis through economic uplift of the women”, he said this while addressing inauguration ceremony of Ehsaas Saving Wallets here Monday.

He went on to say under this program women from disadvantaged class will benefit from the interest free loans facility. Ehsaas program was considered the 4th successful program during corona virus spread. Money was provided to the deserving persons on merit under Ahsaas program.

He underlined that the poor countries suffered most due to corona virus. Our 25 percent population is below the poverty line. The daily wager and labor class was most affected due to lock down in the corona virus spread. .

According to world bank Pakistan Ehsaas program was one among those through which the poor segments of society were helped in transparent and coherent way, he pointed out. Had Ehsaas program not been launched on fast track basis then the oppressed class would have suffered heavily.

No one was afforded benefit on political basis through Ehsaas program., he said adding no complaint was received in this regard.

He pointed out that the transparency remained in this program because due to use of technology therein.

Talking of significance of Ehsaas saving Wallets he said when we integrate the women in this financial system then poverty allays. It took two years in preparation of different program. Now its fruits are coming to fore remarkably.

Like other programs, Ehsaas Wallets program has succeeded now, he said.

The supremacy of law was the very ideal principle in the state of Medina on the basis of which development is sure, he remarked

Citing to Beijing, he said Beijing had evolved policy to alleviate the poverty. China extricated 700 million people from the poverty in 35 years. This is our model too, he underscored.