Standing committee on defence threatens to issue arrest warrants of interior secretary, DG FIA and chairman PTA over their persistence absence



ISLAMABAD, June 04 : National Assembly (NA) Standing committee on defence has threatened to issue arrest warrants of interior secretary, DG FIA and chairman PTA for their persistent absence besides making it clear if these officers don’t attend the next meeting then Prime Minister (PM) will be informed about the whole situation.

The committee met here Friday under its chairman Amjid Ali Khan Friday.

Expressing annoyance over absence of interior secretary the committee said interior secretary is not coming in the sessions persistently, therefore, privilege motion be moved against him.

The committee also expressed displeasure over absence of members of committee and chairman PTA.

Members of committee said bureaucracy should not take committee lightly. Action be taken against such officers.

Chairman defence committee said committee will visit South Waziristan next week.

Additional secretary defence said we want to go to Waziristan by taking along defence committee of national assembly and senate. We want to give briefing to committee on operation Raddul Fasad in the first week of July.

Barjees Tahir said we should not be linked to Senate committee and we should be given separate briefing.

He said that the reports about handing over bases to US are in the air therefore, briefing be given on this count.

The interior ministry authorities said in the meeting FIA is looking into cyber crime matter. Blocking obscene and illegal sites is job of FIA.

Member of committee Riaz Pirzada said we are receiving threats from illegal sims. One call has come to me that I will be garlanded with shoes in the constituency. When action was taken on the complaint the home address of the complainant was found the home of a poor woman in Karachi.

Kanwal Shozab said “ I am too victim of cyber crimes. I registered case but action was taken against me. Accounts were blocked for raising voice on the issues of Kashmir and Palestine.

He stated a call came in the name of DG ISI from a fake number and donation was sought from me in the name of mosque.

Chairman defence committee said such call has been received by me as well.

The member of committee Atta Ullah Khan said “ a call was received by me that he was PA to general Sahb and I should send my man for employment.

The members of committee said blackmailing is done and money is demanded through fake accounts. Interior ministry and FIA took no action on our complaints.

Ramesh Kumar said Israel and India are keeping hold on twitter.

Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui said they are blocking our accounts. Our institutions are doing nothing. We could not resolve the problems facing our members. No cooperation and coordination seems to be existing among the federal institutions about cyber crimes and fake accounts. All should be called and task be assigned that they should stop crimes against members of committee.

Kanwal Shozab said a man called Samri makes heinous and obscene propaganda against Pakistan and our institutions have failed to trace him so far. This man tags his posts to me and other members of parliament. FIA did nothing against him. DG FIA should once come in the meeting.

Barjis Tahir said if secretary does not come then the subordinate officer should also not be heard and be expelled from committee. The matter of absence of the secretary will be taken up before the Prime Minister. Why should we talk to director level officer in this respect.
Amjid Ali Khan said if the concerned officers don’t come then they should keep in mind we can issue their arrest warrants.

The committee refused to take briefing from director FIA on prevention of cyber crimes.

Interior secretary and DG FIA were directed to ensure their presence in next meeting.