Pakistani fighter Mahmoosh Raza wins MMA fight in Bahrain


Bahrain (Online) Pakistani fighter Mahmoosh Raza has won another MMA fight in Bahrain. According to the details, Pakistan has won another award in the world of sports. Mahmoosh Raza of Pakistan has won the MMA fight in Bahrain. Mahmoosh Raza defeated Callum Murray of Scotland. Mahmoosh Raza defeated Kaleem Murray, who had fought for the world title twice. Kaleem Murray is the World Champion of Taekwondo and the best fighter in the world. Mahmoosh Raza is determined to win more honors for the country. It may be recalled that in 2018, Mehmoosh Raza also defeated Ukrainian fighter Igor Gritsky in Rebel FC7 mixed martial arts featherweight competition. In this fight, Mahmoosh Raza had further improved his record by winning. The 37-year-old rival of Pakistan Fighter was being declared as the favorite who had won 7 consecutive victories before but Mahmoosh broke the winning streak. The 23-year-old fighter defeated the Ukrainian rival and set up Also won the seventh victory of his career