UK all set to play its role in de-escalating tension between Pakistan and India



ISLAMABAD, June 05 : UK has once again decided to play its role in easing tension between Pakistan and India amid the reports that acting British high commissioner in Pakistan Alexander Evans met with former national security advisor Tariq Aziz at his residence on this count.

According to sources the two exchanged views on the Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) taken during former President Pervez Musharraf tenure for improvement of relations between Pakistan and India.

The acting British high commissioner acknowledged that betterment had come in the ties between Pakistan and India during Pervez Musharraf regime because both the countries had initiated talks on Kashmir issue.

Upon it Tariq Aziz told high commissioner several more confidence building measures were taken to ensure talks on Kashmir issue. Talks process also continued with Mishra and SK Lamba, who were the national security advisors of the then Congress led government of India. During these talks bus service between Muzaffarabad and Srinagar was launched. Proposal was also floated therein to start Sialkot-Jammu bus service. The steps designed for improving trade matters were also discussed. The two countries also talked on releasing water to the rivers. Trade items list was enhanced from 300 to 25000. The agreement of ceasefire on LoC was also signed in 2003. This led to de-escalation on bordes.

British high commissioner lauded these steps saying he still wants how can the ties between India and Pakistan be improved. The motive behind his meeting with Tariq Aziz was this that he could take advantage of his experience because UK want situation deescalates between the two countries.

Sources said the meeting proved upbeat. The acting British high commissioner will transmit his report to British government on the proposals floated by Tariq Aziz