FIA gives clean-chit to Tareen, probe likely to be conducted by NAB: Sources



Islamabad – June 6
The Federal govt has decided to hand-over cases against Jahangir Tareen to National Accountability Bureau (NAB), sources claimed on Sunday.
According to details, the decision was made in light of strong possibility of Tareen getting clean chit from FIA investigations in Sugar scam.
Sources say that FIA, after carrying initial interrogations had said that the case against Tareen lacks strong evidence.
All the tax record and documents were presented by Jahangir Tareen and he (Tareen) pays taxes regularly, sources quoted FIA’s perspective as.
Advisor to Prime Minister for Accountability Shahzad Akbar had also met FIA team last week, where he (Shahzad) was told that the case against Tareen is ‘short of evidence’.
The court would overthrow incomplete challan against Tareen and FIA would also face pitifulness. Therefore, neither can FIA arrest Tareen nor can claim a bail-suspension against him.
Sources also claim that the report presented before Shahzad Akbar says that no evidences of Tareen being involved in money-laundering were found.
Now the federal govt has decided to take investigations further with the help of NAB.
Sources also claim that a strict action could be taken against Jahangir Tareen after coming budget for FY 2021-22.